Elon Musk will attack Mars from seaport, not Earth, SpaceX announces the creation of seaport Deimos

Elon Musk Spacex Starship Mars Launch: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced that his Starship will leave for Mars next year. The funny thing is that this starship will not leave from the earth. Musk wants to build a city on Mars.


 The world's top industrialist Elon Musk, who is dreaming of setting up a city on Mars, has announced that this dangerous journey to the Red Planet will not start from the earth but from the sea. Musk has shared with the world his plans to launch his SpaceX Starship rocket. Elon Musk is building a 'seaport' under the sea. The name of this seaport has been given Deimos.

Musk's company SpaceX has started construction of this Seaport Deimos and will launch Starship from it in 2022. Along with Deimos, the construction of a rig Phobos has also started. Both of these are being built at Brownsville Port. Musk tweeted that the maritime seaport Deimos is under construction and will be launched next year.

Plans to make seaport in other parts of the world also

 This seaport is located near SpaceX's Starbase, Texas. SpaceX has bought oil rigs that are no longer in use. Musk plans to build such seaports in other parts of the world as well. Earlier, Musk's dream took flight when his starship successfully landed on Earth after taking off in space.

Musk had recently expressed hope that he would be able to fulfill his dream of establishing a human settlement on Mars. He wants hundreds of starships to travel to the Red Planet. Musk has announced the establishment of human settlements on Mars before a possible third world war. He said that in this city to be built on Mars, everything will operate automatically. Elon Musk announced plans to settle on Mars at the Mars Society's virtual conference. Earlier, Musk said that his goal is to land a man on Mars by the year 2026.

'If man does not go to Mars as soon as possible, then there is a crisis on the existence of humanity'

 He has also warned that if humans do not go to Mars as soon as possible, then the existence of humanity may be in danger. Musk said at the conference, "I think it's very helpful to set a goal to build a self-powered city on Mars." Our aim should not be a few people or a base, but a self-run city. He said that it is necessary to test whether the human settlement on Mars will end if the supply from Earth is stopped for some reason or nuclear destruction occurs. Musk said that if this happens, we are not in a safe place.


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