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6 Things That Didn't announce at the Apple Event

  Apple introduced AN array of latest devices at its "Peek Performance" event on Tuesday: a 2022 5G iPad Air with AN money supply processor, AN upgraded iPhone SE with 5G (and a similar A15 chip because the iPhone 13) and also the desktop-and-monitor pairing of the macintosh Studio and macintosh Studio show. The money supply radical, a replacement processor even additional powerful than the money supply gamma hydroxybutyrate, additionally took the stage as a chip possibility accessible for the macintosh Studio.  While the new declared merchandise aligned with heaps of the speculation preceding the event (here's what the 2022 iPhone SE rumors did and did not get right), not each reported device all over up creating AN look. Here square measure all the Apple merchandise that did not get launched throughout Tuesday's event -- which we're still hoping to visualize in 2022. Upgraded macintosh professional The macintosh professional, a desktop tower targeted at profess

Modi government transferred money to the bank account of 22.55 crore people - check balance through SMS

Modi government transferred money to the bank accounts of 22.55 crore people, the central government transferred funds at the rate of 8.50% to the Provident Fund Account in the bank accounts of more than twenty crore people of the country, you too through SMS to your bank You can check the amount deposited in the account, Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, money has been transferred to the bank accounts of 22.55 crore people. Recently, this information has been given by the EPFO ​​on its Twitter handle. In the financial year 2020-21, so far, funds have been transferred to the Provident Fund Account of about 22.55 crore people at the rate of 8.50%. There are crores of people who were waiting for money for a long time, but now such people do not need to wait much. Now they have to check money in their PF account. There are many ways to check PF Balance, about which we will give you complete information further so that citizens of the country can easily check PF Ba